Cotex Sikaer diaper review


We have been using cloth diapers since the birth of our daughter over a year ago. Often people wonder why we have chosen cloth diapers thinking that cloth diaper is like it used to be 30 years ago. Meaning bulky cotton fabric wrapped around baby but hold on by a pin.

These days are gone today cloth diapers are not bulky, they are cute and convenient.

When we decided which kind of diaper we were going to use for our baby we pointed out positives and negatives of Disposables VS Cloth diapers.


Positive of disposable diapers Positive of cloth diapers
•   Convenient

•   Less laundry

•   Cost less

•   Environmentally friendly

•   Baby bum friendly

•   No baby bum rash

Negative of disposable diapers Negative of cloth diapers
•   Cost more money

•   Creating more waste to the environment

•   80 % of babies have diaper rash

•   Baby genitals are exposed to toxic chemicals

•   More laundry

•   Change more often diaper

As most parents we wanted to give our child what’s best. We also wanted to use environmentally friendly solution. So cloth diapers came as the perfect solution for us. So far our daughter never had diaper rash and our washing routine is very simple.

We have been using all in two – AI2 – type of diapers and diaper covers. All in two diapers are very absorbant but they are a little bulkier compare to the diapers covers. Diaper covers tend to leak. So when we got the opportunity to try a hybrid kind of diaper we decided to go for it.

orange shellIMG_0519

The Sikaer diaper comes in different colors. They have some cute colors or patterns.

The outer shell is cloth interior and exterior. The lining is a ribbed elastic fabric.

There is a snap in lining that is made of nylon. It has a sleek side and a softer side.

They are sized diapers meaning that the outer shell comes in different sizes S, M, L & XL.

We tried the Sikaer diaper by Cotex in two colors purple and orange size L as our daughter is 14 months old and weights about 12kg.

How it works: 2 Steps.

IMG_0391 IMG_0431IMG_0454

First you snap the liner in the outer shell. IMG_0438 Then put a liner cloth or disposable inside. IMG_0459 What I like about the Sikaer diaper:  

  1. I didn’t have to change the whole thing every time I changed the diaper. I just replace the cloth liner or disposable diaper. On a basic day I would use only one outer cloth shell with one to two snap in insert. For about 6 cloth liner change.
  2. The wings system with velcro goes to the back so if your baby knows how to open a diaper in the front it will be hard for him to do it with the Sikaer because the velcro are in the back. No more dirty poppy baby bum running around the house with his diaper in his hands!diaper1
  3. I find the velcro system easier to put on then disposable diapers. With disposables I open and close the disposable diaper at least 5 times before being satisfied by the way it fits. With the Sikaer diaper I simply attach the velcro and the check on the legs that the diaper is well positioned and voila!
  4. The diaper protects from leaks but let the air go through.IMG_0425
  5. It has a snug fit snap on liner and the outer shell has elastic like lining around the leg area. so it doesn’t leak.IMG_0481
  6. I do not need to do the laundry every day. As you can separate the outer cotton shell from the snap in lining this means less diaper change and less laundry to do. When the snap in lining is dirty I just change that part.
  7. The diapers are cute! The variety of colors and patterns make them adorable. They are not as bulky as all in two cloth diapers so if my little girl is wearing pants her bum does not look over sized and she fits easily in her pants. Sikaer cloth diapers are not bulky.
  8. If  we can’t use cloth liner because we are going out and it won’t be convenient to carry dirty cloth liners for too long we have the possibility to insert a disposable liner.

The Sikaer diaper ones with 2 options: You can use disposable or cloth liners. All with one cloth diaper.

Disposable liners are great for going out. You just take extra inserts and put them in your diaper bag.  Also you can use diaper creams without being worried that you might affect the efficiency of the liner.


While it doesn’t take any time to get used to the iner lining snap system it took some time during the diaper change to change the iner lining when needed. Baby has to wail more than 50 seconds to get a new diaper on. Over all the positive outcome the negative.

That’s a cute bum, right?



I would highly recommend the Sikaer diapers for people that want to start cloth diapering but are not 100% sure it is the best solution for them. With this diaper system they can choose between disposable inserts and cloth inserts and so as most convenient for them.

The price range for one Sikaer diaper set range from NT$650 to NT$800. Sets are available are will decease the cost per diaper.

Cotex cloth liner price depends on the type of liner you want. There are 3 kind available: New born, Day liner, Night liner. Price range from NT$136 to NT$200 per unit. Same here if you buy a set it will be cheaper.

You can also buy disposable liners they sell by pack of 50.IMG_0280

I really like them and I do not find them to be a hassle at all. Concerning the initial cost of getting your stash. The cost per diaper is about the same cost as a simple outfit. Many new parents will buy too many outfits or received too many as gifts from baby shower or baby visit. My advice would be to spend less on outfits and let your friends and family know that you want a cloth diaper instead. And don’t forget you will save tons of money on the long term. In average you will need 8 diapers to start and an assortment of cloth insert and or disposable inserts – that’s all!

This review reflects our own opinion about the product. I was offered to try this product but this article is what we feel about this product after trying it. Thanks!